Thursday, March 31, 2011

Comics with Cats

Here's pretty much the same comic several times:

I tried drawing one myself instead of using clip art, but it just didn't turn out right:

Welcome Back

After over a month of inactivity, The Swarm has resumed publication. There will be a few minor changes, and zero major ones.

First, The Swarm is committed to more frequent postings, albeit of a lower quality. Expect several posts per week, as well as the return of the Sunday Cipher(my wife's favorite feature). Anticipate many shorter, gut-punching posts from The Swarm, as well as the longer articles you've come to love.

Secondly, the prizes for the Sunday Cipher have changed slightly. If you aren't one of the six people that have submitted an answer for the Sunday Cipher, you will not notice a change. The prize for runners-up(a drawing by Isaac Miller and an archive quality letter) remains the same. However, each week's grand prize may seem slightly cheaper. It turns out that our prize department had a devil of a time coming up with a new, unique and mail-able prize each week. So in the future, the grand prize may also be a drawing from Isaac Miller, just embossed with a handsome metal-leaf star or two. Maybe it will be some sort of diploma or hologram (probably not a hologram). It may also be something awesome. It really just depends on what the prize department has on hand, or if they are feeling particularly creative or energetic. The option of having your winning prize mailed to you at your home or business is still being offered, and is encouraged.

Our staff psychic saw this in her crystal ball.
It's you without The Swarm.

Thirdly, while The Swarm has never confined itself to one subject matter or genre, expect to see a bit more variety here. Things like traffic reports, nutrition tips, correspondence courses and current tech trends, as well as predictions for the future and editorials. None of those have actually been considered until just this moment, but any of them may pop up.

So thanks for reading The Swarm, and we look forward to many more years of shaping your world view. Now sit back and enjoy some single panel comics. They should appear as if by magic just above this post in a few minutes.