Saturday, July 24, 2010

Kids' Games

A few weeks ago I ate at a Wendy's inside a truck stop in Fernley, Nevada. My meal came on this placemat.
No problem here. Oho! The placemat indicates that it has kids' games on its backside!
Well. This certainly isn't full of kids' games. It has a suggestion to spend more time together as a family, and I suppose this picture could be colored, even if that's not mentioned anywhere. And really, coloring is more of an activity than a game. And then there's this.

Oh, come on, Wendy's. Really? This drawing must have been OK'ed by any number of people before it got printed on thousands of placemats and shipped.

And while still not a game, the daughter seems to have found a million things to do.

And Mom looks even worse if she gets colored in.

Dave Thomas must be spinning in his grave. Which, logically, probably has a Wendy's logo on it, and is maybe shaped like a fry box or something.

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  1. They're obviously singing in the car as only a good ole white American family can.