Friday, October 21, 2011

Poison Penpal

I get made fun of every now and again when people find out I have an Aol e-mail account. It's the account I set up when I got my first computer, which of course came with some free months of America Online. I've just never really stopped using it. I mostly use it for filling out online forms and e-mailing stuff to myself from work. I do also have a Gmail account (fancy!).


Since I have this account, I also get to see Aol's homepage all the time. They really do provide great content all the time. There was this. And now this:

Um, what the hell, Aol? Did Aol poison me? I suppose "get" is better than "got" or "are going to get". It's still a little troubling.

"Tonight on America Online (I know it's not a tv show, but bear with me)

"Tonight on America Online! Why we took your underpants! We've also been soaking your coffee filters in an arsenic solution, letting them dry out, and then replacing them in your cupboard!"

More to come.

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