Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Worf's Golf Bible

There's a new product in The Swarm Store!

Michael Dorn has decided to release his new album exclusively through The Swarm! That's right, now you can hear Mr. Worf singing a range of classic tunes! Imagine hearing Dorn's deep, soothing voice coming out of your car stereo or shower CD player! Envision yourself jogging on a treadmill, thinking of yourself running on a holo-treadmill on the holodeck, while Worf does holo-karaoke! Picture yourself wrapped in a snuggie, hugging your iPod dock tightly to your chest as Michael Dorn's recreated laryngeal vibrations lull you to sleep! Fly me to the moon indeed, Mr Worf!

That's what life could be like with "Songs in the Key of Michael"

When you hear Dorn's new album, you'll say "Set phasers on classic!"

Order within the next 72 hours and you'll also get this fabulous bonus single from the Gorn!

Only at The Swarm Store!

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