Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Gift of the Walleye

Here's a pretty useless pun.

Myrrh man.

Example: "That guy's really in to myrrh. He's a total myrrh-man."

I'm having a hard time imagining when this play on words might come into play. It's not often that both fish men and fragrant resin are being discussed. Perhaps with the Christmas season coming a person could casually bring up the Magi, steer the conversation toward their gifts, and feign confusion. Still, myrrh man is going to be tough to work in there.

The Bible doesn't mention it, but one of them
was a fireman. Also, his lower half may
have been shrimp tempura.

I would really like it if either of you that read this would try to use this pun and then tell me about it.

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